New Book Features The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg receives critical attention in a new essay by Zachary Ingle published in the collection Identity and Myth in Sports Documentaries. Praising the film for its “emphasis on Jewish identity, as well as its cinematic intertextuality,” Ingle notes how director Aviva Kempner’s style sets the film apart from other sports documentaries (Ingle 79). He was particularly impressed with Kempner’s use of narrative film clips. Recognizing Kempner’s mission to portray “non-stereotypical images of Jews in history,” Ingle devotes much of the essay to examining Greenberg’s portrayal as a Jewish-American hero. He remarks upon Greenberg’s popularity among a diverse set of interviewees, as well as the events and circumstances of Greenberg’s life that cemented his hero status. Highly complimentary of Kempner’s body of work, Ingle concludes, “Kempner has established herself as perhaps the preeminent documentary filmmaker of Jewish twentieth-century history and culture” (Ingle 88).
Zachary Ingle’s essay “The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg: Jewish Identity, Cinematic Intertextuality, and the Baseball Hero” can be found in Identity and Myth in Sports Documentaries: Critical Essays (Ingle and Sutera, The Scarecrow Press Inc, 2013). Copies of the book can be purchased on Amazon.
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