Is Schezer Jewish?

This was a VERY important question asked in an article written by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post and sent by me, Aviva Kempner, who once asked Ryan Zimmerman if he was Jewish. After hearing the response “no”, I told him “you are missing out on a lot of Friday night invitations.” It kind of sounds like he is!

Contrary to popular belief, last names hardly make it easier to identify a Jew. Actress Mila Kunis, actor Jonah Hill, and producer/actress Lena Dunham are all Jewish. Bet you didn’t know that! Max Schezer is a 30-year-old starting pitcher that was just signed to the Washington Nationals team. He’s a former player for the Detroit Tigers and an All-Star, all of which he and Jewish first baseman Hank Greenberg have in common. However, he’s NOT Jewish. Sucks for him, but he’s still a great guy! I’m pretty sure Hank would have loved him! Learn more fun facts about him in this article. GO NATS!

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Detroit TigersAviva Kempner



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