Ty Cobb May Not Have Been the Villain the Press Made Him Out to Be

For years, baseball player Ty Cobb had been painted a racist villain by the media.  However, when Charles Leerhsen began investigating the claims for his new biography, “Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty,” he was surprised to find that Cobb may not have been such a bad man after all.  Cobb did have a temper, and was known to get into fights, but nothing suggests his actions were racially motivated.  According to Leerhsen, “Two or three times he got in fights with black people, but it was never clear what part, if any, race played in those incidents, and of course he got in many more fights with white people.”  As for why the rumors persisted for so long, Leerhsen said, “People cherish their sports myths.  Their father told them, and there’s a sacredness to them about what you learned when you first learned about baseball.”  To read more about it in The New York Times, click here.

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