While the Nats celebrate with Chocolate, who’s Cleaning All the Jerseys?

Max Scherzer, a starting pitcher who is having a stellar first season wearing the curly W, did not just bring his 96 mph fastball and a Cy Young award to DC. After a walk-off win early in the season, Scherzer grabbed a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate from the clubhouse and proceeded to douse Dan Uggla who hit a three run homerun against the Atlanta Braves. It didn’t take long before raining chocolate was the official post game celebration of the Washington Nationals. But as Nats players leave the field soaked in chocolate, it begs the question: who washes all these uniforms? Darwin Beachem, assistant clubhouse attendant, says there is a three-step process: soak the uniforms in Tide detergent powder, scrub them by hand with Slide Out, and then a normal wash cycle. This is repeated three times, so maybe it’s a six-step process. Whether the Nationals are the best team in baseball is up for debate, but so too is the method for cleaning the jerseys. A Deadspin stain expert has said that the best option is to use oxygenated bleach, or Borax, as it could save the clubhouse attendants from having to repeat the process so many times. Chocolate syrup rituals were unknown and unheard of in the Golden Age of baseball, day games were more common back then so that chocolate would have dried and baked in the sun. In any case, there’s no debate among Washington baseball fans, the more dirty jerseys the better, more Hershey’s means more wins. Bring on the chocolate.

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